Raven's Roost Farm

Raven's Roost Farm
Doug Bedell & Linda Offenbecker
2398 Vandermark Road
Bellaire, MI  49615
(231) 533-6960; (231) 350-6448

We raise registered Shetland sheep, Scottish Highland cattle and various breeds of broiler chickens.  Products include: Shetland breeding stock, raw fleeces, roving, hand and mill spun yarn, machine knit socks, pelts, grass-fed lamb meat and grass-fed beef raised with NO grain, NO antibiotics, NO artificial growth hormones and NO GMOs.  Other products include: pastured broiler chickens raised with NO antibiotics and NO artificial growth hormones.  Call or email for current availability.

Acceptance Policy: 

We accept 100% Bay Bucks on all products.