Occupy Bay Bucks

From sea to shining sea, Americans across the political spectrum have been directing anger and frustration at the nation's financial institutions and power brokers. Whether they are holding Tea Party placards or occupying Wall Street, people are outraged about an economic and political system that doesn't seem to be serving their interests. They may disagree on who to blame and what should be done, but they agree that the current system is broken.

Imagine if that frustration could be directed to building economies and communities of real and lasting value, communities growing less dependent on “investments” made by far-flung corporations and governments. Such a community would be creating employment for its members by circulating more of its wealth within, rather than sending it to Wall Street. We can withdraw our consent to be looted by the 1% and start taking back our economy; remember, Gandhi urged his people to throw off their oppressors by spinning their own cloth and marching to the sea to make salt.
In the Grand Traverse region, we have a tool that has the potential to catalyze a transformation of our economy from one that extracts our natural and human resources for the profit of entities that have little to no interest in our community, to an economy that is self-reliant, regenerative and supportive of those who live here. Bay Bucks is not the only answer to our economic woes, but it could be an important partner in building a local economy that retains more of its wealth and has less siphoned away.
Our system of local currency needs the active support of its community to reach its potential. Unlike the federal government, the Traverse Area Community Currency Corporation (the non-profit organization responsible for launching Bay Bucks) lacks the power to tax anyone to pay for operations. We're dependent on donations for the expenses and work required to maintain and grow Bay Bucks. We need volunteers, particularly those who are willing to devote a few hours a month to participate on our board of directors, which is the local currency equivalent to the federal reserve. If you have skills (or funds) you can volunteer to Bay Bucks, we want to hear from you.
To begin the work of creating the economy we want, consider making a donation of time or currency to Bay Bucks.  Wall Street will never get a Bay Buck.