A New Business: Old Mission Multigrain by Nancy Belton

What a beautiful Saturday. This morning I went for a walk with friends, enjoying the beauty of the season. We finished at lunch time, so I decided to visit Pearl Brown, the marvelous baker-owner of Old Mission Multigrain.  She currently sells her bread through Oryana, the Farmers' Market and her newly-opened store at 1326 South Airport Road.

 The store is full of local products:  all the delicious breads and treats that Pearl makes, plus apple chips from Nature's Treats, lots of choices from Li'l Terror Hot Products, gluten free options from Dennett's Gluten Free Creations and some gourmet popcorn from Roth's Country Kitchen.  It is great for take-out or dine-in.  When I asked Pearl if she would accept Bay Bucks, she responded, "Well, yes, we are all about local," which is a great answer. Old Mission Multigrain buys organic grains to mill fresh each day from Oryana, so there is a circle of use.
The local economy does better the more the currency flows within the local region; this is one reason why buying locally is important.  So if we add a local currency to the current supply of federal dollars it can really give a boost to the local economy.  A recession happens when the flow of money decreases and people stop spending. By using BBs more often, increasing the flow, it does not give each unit more value but does strengthen the local economy.
Currency creates more value in a local economy by moving, changing hands, just like an electrical circuit.  I get this image in my mind of the circuit of Bay Bucks flowing and the more it flows the more it glows, like an electric light bulb.  We are about a 15 watt light bulb, but if we work together we can get this up to 60 or 100 watts of charge and then go from there.  
If any other businesses are interested in accepting Bay Bucks, please contact us and we will spread the word.