Bricolage Farm CSA

Bricolage Farm CSA
Stuart Kunkle
8040 M 113 E
Fife Lake, MI  49633
(231) 879-3814

We offer a four-season CSA.  You buy a share of our protein operation for the twelve-month period.  Throughout the twelve-month period, you get (adjusted some for seasonality):  weekly pastured eggs, weekly pastured goat milk and cheese, 20 pastured broiler chickens, 2 pastured turkeys, pastured heritage pork (half or whole), assortment of vegetables and herbs (fresh, frozen and dried), value-added items such as, but not limited to: dressings, cottage health products, salsas, jams, maples syrup, bread, handmade scarves and hats, and artwork.  Please call for further details or to sign up!  Thank you!  We'd love to grow your food!