31 Days to Increase our Bay Bucks Usage

Submitted by stillnance on Fri, 09/30/2011 - 6:06pm.

As members of the Bay Bucks board, we've been trying to get more of this local currency circulating. So we, Joe and Nance Belton, are embarking on an experiment to see the impact on our lifestyle as we increase our use Bay Bucks for the next 31 days. Starting tomorrow, the first of October, we will use or offer Bay Bucks for all of our cash transactions. Since this is a complementary currency, our goal will be to try and use some Bay Bucks with each transaction or at the very least approach a new business to see if it will start accepting Bay Bucks. If the business will not accept BBs, we will consider if a BB-possible alternative exists, or if this is something we must have, before completing the transaction.
What change will occur in our purchasing patterns and habits, what new thoughts or ideas will surface, and what benefits will this provide to our community? This blog will explore the impact of using Bay Bucks and communicate what is working for us. We'll also offer more information about Bay Bucks and local currencies and news on businesses accepting BBs. We welcome comments from others about their thoughts and experiences with our local currency. Please help us get the word out about Bay Bucks and get them circulating.