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Welcome to the Bay Bucks blog!

We'll be using this space to inform the Bay Bucks community of new developments with our local currency project, as well as announcements and offers from merchants and other participants.

Old Mission Multigrain

We're pleased to welcome our newest Bay Bucks member, Old Mission Multigrain, another wonderful local bakery now accepting Bay Bucks for bread.
Read more about Old Mission at board member Nancy Belton's blog post here

New members and credit card usage

New businesses now accepting Bay Bucks include Brilliant Books, Cherry Capital Foods and Hearth Meals. It is wonderful to explore the Bay Bucks directory and find new business listed. There are now over 100 businesses accepting Bay Bucks… and it is still growing.

I tried to use only or mostly Bay Bucks for 30 days. This opened my awareness to what I spend money on, at which businesses, and how I could save money. 

A New Business: Old Mission Multigrain by Nancy Belton

What a beautiful Saturday. This morning I went for a walk with friends, enjoying the beauty of the season. We finished at lunch time, so I decided to visit Pearl Brown, the marvelous baker-owner of Old Mission Multigrain.  She currently sells her bread through Oryana, the Farmers' Market and her newly-opened store at 1326 South Airport Road.

31 Days to Increase our Bay Bucks Usage

Submitted by stillnance on Fri, 09/30/2011 - 6:06pm.

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