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Holiday shopping with Bay Bucks

Bay Bucks board member Nancy Belton is away for the holidays, but she left a present under the tree for the Bay Bucks community. Here's her blog post with great ideas on using Bay Bucks to help with holiday gifts:
As the holiday season approaches, Bay Bucks are a great way to keep our money local and to help our friends and neighbors.

Occupy Bay Bucks

From sea to shining sea, Americans across the political spectrum have been directing anger and frustration at the nation's financial institutions and power brokers. Whether they are holding Tea Party placards or occupying Wall Street, people are outraged about an economic and political system that doesn't seem to be serving their interests. They may disagree on who to blame and what should be done, but they agree that the current system is broken.

Old Mission Multigrain

We're pleased to welcome our newest Bay Bucks member, Old Mission Multigrain, another wonderful local bakery now accepting Bay Bucks for bread.
Read more about Old Mission at board member Nancy Belton's blog post here

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